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A note from Pastor Ken,

As the lead pastor at PCN, I understand one of my primary functions to be the communication of God's Word. "Communication" is not an easy task. It is more than just relaying truth. It requires packaging it in a way which is refreshing and inviting to the hearers. It means offering substance in a manner which the Holy Spirit can effect and use for transformation.

Jesus Christ is a good example of an effective communicator. He was skilled at sharing God's truth in a way that was easy to grasp and timely for the hearers.

Since I am not the Christ I find my efforts often fall short. I frequently fail at efforts of creativity and fresh approaches. For that reason I feel compelled to grasp and utilize stories from a myriad of sources.

Therefore, I should tell you that I have an "Unofficial Storyteller's License". This license gives me permission to use my imagination in rearranging experiences and encounters to improve story, so long as it serves the communication of Truth and the exaltation of Jesus Christ while not doing anyone or anything an injustice. My "Unofficial Storyteller's License" also contains this Storyteller's Creed:

I pray that you will enjoy the sermons you find here. And that you will allow the Holy Spirit to use them to make your path straight.

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Ken Pell

Ken & Vickie Pell

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